How to Start a Home-Based Auto Repair Business?

//How to Start a Home-Based Auto Repair Business?

How to Start a Home-Based Auto Repair Business?

For many self-motivated mechanics, owning and running an auto repair business is a part of their American Dream. They see it as the perfect option. They get to work for themselves, and at the same time they can earn significantly more than what they can do while working under another potential employer.

But for many, the dream remains unfulfilled, since not everyone has the finances to start their own business.

From location to repair machinery and equipment – there are plenty of expenses an aspiring owner has to provide for.

Even if an arrangement could be set up where second hand tools are made available to one’s disposal…the unavailability of the location shatters all hope.

We say, why not start a home-based auto repair business?

It’s easy, it’s convenient and this way you won’t even have to worry about arranging capital for renting a commercial space.

As far as the requirements are concerned with regards to setting up a home-based auto repair business, don’t worry, we are here to guide you…

First Things First

You need to evaluate if you have enough space available at your home to set up a mechanic shop.

Unused garage, backyard or an empty room could be the ideal setting. Just make sure that it’s spacious and has a wide entrance and a high elevation.

Get the Approvals

Next, in order to legally set up your workshop at your home, you will need the permission of local authorities. The two major approvals that you need to seek are:

  • Zone permit:A type of permit issued by local area authorities approving that you can set up the mechanic shop on your property, and that they don’t have any objection against the deployment.
  • Business permit: Once you get the zone permit, you can then apply for a business permit. The issued license will be required by the IRS when you file for tax returns.

Gather the Auto Repair Equipment and Tools

Make a list of tools and equipment you’ll need to perform repairs. This should include all regular tools (sockets, wrenches, jack stands, air pressure tanks etc.), advanced equipment and spare parts. Search the market for best prices, however, don’t let that compromise you on the quality of tools you’ll be purchasing.

Spread the Word…

Lastly, advertise your services before the launch. Ask your friends, family members and other people in your social circle to help you out. Use your presence on social media to let everyone know that you are starting an auto repair businesses. And if you have the bucks, you can also use newspapers advertising.

On a Final Note

Once you start your business, have patience; success does not come overnight. Maintain steadfastness and perseverance and focus on providing high quality services to your customers. You will eventually succeed.

Good luck!

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